Israeli attacks on Syria


Israel struck the south of Syria

Israel launched a series of rocket attacks on the territory of Syria.

Tonight, Israel struck a new series of missile strikes across southern Syria. It is reported that the Tel-el-Hara district, located in the south of the Syrian Arab Republic, was hit.

According to the SANA news agency, despite the fact that the Syrian air defense systems attempted to repel a missile strike by Israel, allegedly from the Golan Heights area (part of Syria occupied by Israel - ed.), Some Israeli missiles struck objects of the Syrian military. Significant material damage is reported, but victims and victims were avoided.

At the moment, the Israeli side has not commented on the night strike on the territory of Syria, but earlier, not far from this area, the American reconnaissance aircraft U-2 was observed, which carried out, among other things, reconnaissance near the Russian military bases, in connection with which It is possible that the attacks could have been caused by the identified activity of the Syrian military near Israeli borders, which, however, does not at all justify the actions of Israel.

Whether the actions of Israel were coordinated with the command of the Russian Aerospace Forces on the territory of Syria, so far remains unknown.