Blast in Damascus


Israel struck the neighborhood of the presidential palace of Bashar al-Assad

Israel launched a series of rocket attacks on the Syrian capital.

A few hours ago in the Syrian capital, two powerful explosions thundered. The explosions occurred less than two kilometers from the presidential palace, while, according to the Telegram channel Military Observer, information about the use of Israeli combat aircraft has not yet been confirmed.

In the photographs presented, you can see that we are talking about large explosions, while initially there appeared information on social networks that the explosion was spontaneous, then later this version was refuted, because after a while another explosion thundered Lebanon were seen Israeli warplanes.

It is reported that the explosions thundered on the territory of military warehouses, while at the moment there is no threat to civilians, although the area of ​​ammunition depots is very significant.

According to experts, if Israel really attacked the Syrian capital, the attack was almost certainly made without Russia's consent, which could have serious consequences for Israel in the near future.

))) Do not tell Aunt Sarah - "... serious consequences." Again, some kind of "tomato version", this is the worst case for Tel Aviv. Oh, yes, we have Zakharova ready for such cases, the main caliber. Hold on to Israel ...)))

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