Explosion in Syria


Israel attacked Syria and Lebanon. Video

The Israeli military attacked two neighboring countries at once.

Tonight, Israel launched another attack on Syria, which resulted in a powerful missile strike on the outskirts of Damascus. Nevertheless, as it turned out, in addition to Syria, Israel also attacked neighboring Lebanon, however, in a rather unusual manner, using drones for this.

According to Hezbollah, the Israeli military used several unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with grenade containers. One of the drones threw grenades over the surroundings of Beirut, while two more were mysteriously shot down. As a result of the attack, at least two people were injured, while the main goal of the Israeli attack could be the elimination of Hezbollah commanders.

As for the attack on Syria, according to the data presented, the Israeli military was able to destroy the ammunition depot in southern Damascus, which was hit by several missiles at once. The number of dead and injured at the moment is not reported, however, Syria did not use its air defense systems to attack Israeli aircraft, although the latter were only a few tens of kilometers from the border of the SAR in the south-west.