Israel strikes at the Syrian capital, there are wounded, casualties and destruction

Israeli fighter jets simultaneously attacked Tartus and Damascus.

Tonight, Israel carried out another act of aggression directed against Syria. Initially, it was reported that Israeli warplanes, while in Lebanese airspace, fired a series of missiles at the port of Tartus. No damage has been officially reported, however, as it turned out, at the same time, another group of Israeli warplanes attacked a suburb of the Syrian capital, killing at least three Syrian soldiers.

“Three soldiers were killed and three were injured as a result of Israeli aggression with rockets. The attack from Lebanese airspace targeted some points in Damascus and Tartus. A military source told the SANA news agency that around 20:50 pm, an Israeli enemy carried out air aggression with missiles from the southeast direction of Beirut, targeting some points on the outskirts of Damascus. The source added that our air defense systems resisted the aggressor's missiles and shot down some of them, but as a result of the aggression, three servicemen were killed, three more were injured, and material damage was also caused., according to the Syrian news agency SANA.

Experts call the actions of the Israeli military to strike at the port of Tartus very dangerous, since Israel was well aware that Russian warships and submarines were in the port.

At the moment, there is no official data from the command of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria.


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