Israel attacked Lebanon, bringing tanks and units to the border

Israeli tanks entered Lebanese territory.

Tonight, Israel openly attacked Lebanon, bringing its units and tanks into the territory of this Middle Eastern state. As it became known, the Lebanese military tried to block the border with Israel in the Khalet al-Mahafer region, after which Israeli troops were sent to the region.

In the photographs presented, you can see Israeli tanks that crossed the border with Lebanon and are currently on the territory of this state. Despite the fact that the section of the border in the Halet al-Mahafer region is considered disputed, Israel considers this territory to be its own, which can provoke a very serious conflict in the region.

At the moment, journalists managed to find out that they managed to avoid any clashes in the region, however, the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah can take very tough steps towards Israel, especially given the recent attacks by Israeli aircraft on pro-Iranian positions. groups in Syria, including the Lebanese Hezbollah.

At the moment, representatives of the Israel Defense Forces do not comment on the situation with an open attack on Lebanon.