Attacks against Syria


Israel has found a way to deceive the Russian and Syrian C-300

Russian and Syrian air defense systems could not detect an Israeli missile.

The German edition of Telepolis published an article stating that during the last Israeli missile attack on the Syrian Masyaf suburb, neither the Syrian nor the Russian C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems could effectively counter the latest Rampage rocket.

“According to the representative of the manufacturer [of the Rampage missiles], the rocket can indeed be detected, but it is difficult to knock it down. The important thing is that it can attack targets without jeopardizing those planes that launch these missiles. The media also suggests that the current strikes were a test of whether Russian C-300 anti-aircraft systems could be tricked at their location near the attacked base. ”- says the German edition.

According to German journalists, during the next airstrikes, Russia may begin to use C-400 systems, which are more effective in hitting any air targets, but so far Russia has not interfered in Israel’s attacks, demanding Tel Aviv to warn of any intentions special operation in Syria.

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