Israel launched new strikes on Syrian territory at night

The Israeli Air Force again bombed the suburbs of Damascus.

Tonight, Israeli fighter jets launched new missile strikes on Syrian territory. The suburbs of the Syrian capital were hit. At the same time, although the work of the Syrian air defense systems was carried out, the repulsion of the attack turned out to be extremely ineffective.

On video footage taken by residents of the Syrian capital, you can see the moment of strikes on the suburbs of Damascus. According to preliminary data, the targets were objects used by pro-Iranian groups, as well as by the IRGC forces. Information about the victims, victims and destruction has not yet been given by official Damascus. However, unofficial sources report that the destruction is quite serious - one of the objects was almost completely destroyed.

Israel practically does not stop its attacks on the territory of Syria, in fact, making new raids every week. After the S-300 air defense systems were removed from Syria, Israeli attacks increased significantly. Moreover, it is often possible to predict them by the appearance of Israeli reconnaissance aircraft shortly before them.



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