Israel launches airstrikes against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced airstrikes against several targets of the radical group Hezbollah in Lebanon. As a result of the attack, Israeli fighter jets fired at targets in the Baalbek and Aytarun areas, including a logistics unit, a military facility and two military structures.

The Israeli army said the airstrikes were in response to an incident on June 10 when an IDF drone was shot down over Lebanese skies. According to the Israeli military, the drone was carrying out a reconnaissance mission and its destruction was perceived as an aggressive act on the part of Hezbollah.

The IDF emphasizes that the strikes were aimed at key Hezbollah installations that play an important role in supporting the group's combat operations and logistics. The Israeli military believes that the strikes will significantly weaken Hezbollah's capabilities and reduce its ability to conduct operations against Israel.


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