Night missile strike


Israel launches powerful new missile strike on Syria

Israeli planes launched new attacks on Syria.

Last night, Israeli military aircraft launched a series of powerful air strikes against the Syrian province of Hama. The strikes were delivered at around XNUMX am from the Lebanese city of Tripoli. According to the Muraselon News, most of the missiles were intercepted by air defenses and shot down, but some of Israel's targets in Hama province were destroyed.

“A military source told Muraselon News that Syrian air defenses located in the provinces of Tartus, Hama and Homs intercepted enemy missiles. The same information was confirmed by the Syrian Ministry of Defense: "At about 4 am, the Israeli aggressor launched an air attack with a series of missiles from the Lebanese city of Tripoli, near some bases in the vicinity of Hama." The source reports that air defense systems intercepted and shot down most of the enemy missiles. ", - said in the message of the agency “Muraselon News».

At the moment, there are no details of Israel's night attack, however, the Israeli side continues to escalate the situation in the Arab republic despite Russia's demands to end it.

"No one can" ban Israel !? Don't tell my sandals. D. Sam just needs dirty hands.

Syria has not decided anything for a long time. Assad is a puppet in the hands of Putin and Iran. What they say, it will do. And Israel can not be forbidden by anyone to bomb, whom to pay.

Nobody gave Israel the right to shell another state. Syria decides for itself who is on its territory. Clear??!

I wonder how calm it would be if ISIS had won in Syria?

The attack really took place at 4 am. But Russia is doing nothing to remove the pro-Iranian formations from Syria. He does this, then there will be no raids. Until 14, the Syrian-Israeli border was the quietest in the Middle East, over 50 years.