Israel unleashes new large-scale attacks on the Gaza Strip

Over the past XNUMX hours, the Israeli Armed Forces have carried out numerous strikes on targets belonging to the Hamas group in the Gaza Strip. The main targets of the Israeli military were observation posts, shelters and tunnels used by militants.

Israeli ground forces, supported by air power, carried out a series of raids in the town of Khan Yunis. During these clashes, security forces eliminated dozens of militants, and also discovered and destroyed weapons depots and defensive structures.

Particularly noteworthy is the scale of one of the airstrikes, during which more than 10 strikes were carried out in a few seconds on one block, demonstrating the significant scale of Israeli air operations.

It is noted that Israel is beginning to run out of JDAM bombs. However, the question of the supply of these bombs from the United States remains open, given that a significant number of such bombs were transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This may indicate potential difficulties in conducting further military operations and the need to resolve logistical issues on the part of the Israeli government.


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