Attacks against Syria


Israel unleashes another blow on Syria - second in a week

In Israel, they found a way to dodge Russian and Syrian air defenses.

Israel Defense Forces fighters launched new air strikes across Syria, which have already become second in a week. This may indicate the fact that the IDF has found a safe way to attack the territory of the Arab Republic without fear of possible attacks from Russian and Syrian air defense systems.

Israeli warplanes launched seven air strikes against Iranian-backed militias in the Deir ez-Zor area, according to the news agency We are talking about an Iranian military base, where the main force is made up of pro-Iranian groups, which, according to the Israeli side, are busy preparing an attack on the Jewish state.

It is noteworthy that the strikes were inflicted by Israeli aircraft only after approval from the United States and from the eastern part of Syria, where there are no air defense systems.

A few hours before the strikes of the Israeli air force, an American military reconnaissance aircraft conducted a monitoring mission in the Deir ez-Zor region, probably assessing the real threat from the pro-Iranian formations, since recently Washington does not trust Israel, believing that the IDF is seeking purposefully create tension in the region to satisfy their own ambitions.

But what about our electronic warfare and air defense systems, apparently some of the Mask's show-off.

The Israelis are doing the right thing. In a country where devastation and hunger are, there is no place for missiles.

The answer is in the article itself .. Avoidance of air defense assets was made outside the scope of air defense .. Original ..

the Iranians understand that having shot down Izr. the plane will simply take them out of Syria. Perhaps, after gaining a foothold, they will begin to do something.

"... the IDF found a safe way to attack the territory of the Arab republic, without fear of possible attacks from Russian and Syrian air defense systems."
They are naive to think so !!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Why didn't you shoot down all the missiles? As always, the yavrei are to blame for everything, they apparently do not know about the existence of the s-300 and s-400, and that the Russians are helping the Iranians and Syrians ...

Judging by recent events, Iran is unable to ensure the security of its strategic and military facilities, as on its territory. and on the territory of Syria in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor and Et-Tanf. A weak army is a weak state.



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