Israel launches massive strikes against Syria

Israeli fighter jets bombed the western part of Syria.

Just days after Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah forces occupied military bases in southern and western Syria, Israel immediately responded and launched heavy strikes against facilities located in those regions. At the moment, there is serious damage and at least three dead.

According to the information that journalists managed to find out, the strikes were initially carried out in the area of ​​the Golan Heights, where, according to preliminary data, a group of pro-Iranian forces was seen. Subsequently, the strikes shifted to Damascus and the western part of Syria. Moreover, there are suspicions that two groups of Israeli combat aircraft took part in the attack - one of them carried out strikes from the airspace of Israel and Lebanon, while the second group of fighters was over the Mediterranean Sea and attacked the provinces of Latakia and Tartus.

“Three people died as a result of an Israeli attack on the south of Damascus, which was launched from the Golan Heights,” Israeli media reported, citing the Syrian Defense Ministry. A few minutes earlier, fires had started in the area as a result of unspecified explosions. Syrian media claim that Syrian air defense systems were activated and intercepted "hostile targets" in the sky of the capital. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the targets of the attack were Syrian army bases and Iranian militias in the suburbs of Damascus. Two flights were delayed due to strikes at the airport. The echo of the explosions was also heard in the coastal zone of Syria near the city of Tartus., - reports the Israeli edition «The Jerusalem Post».

It is not known how many strikes were carried out in total, however, journalists have data that the Damascus airport was seriously damaged as a result of the attack.