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Israel announced the severance of all agreements with Russia on Syria

Israel announced the break of the existing agreements with Russia on Syria.

The Israeli media report that the agreements previously concluded between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Russian side to de-escalate the situation in Syria are now considered invalid.

“According to the Israeli media, which cite an unnamed Russian source, the previous coordination between Israel and Russia on Syria was terminated after the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu and the formation of the Bennett government. The contacts themselves were based on the personal relationship between Netanyahu and Putin. As confirmation that the situation has changed, the statements of the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding the Israeli missiles shot down by the Syrian air defenses are cited. Previously, Moscow did not voice such moments "- reports "Telegram" community "Military observer."

Given the fact that only in the last week Israel made three attempts to strike at the territory of Syria, it is logical to assume. that such information is true. At the same time, experts do not exclude that by its actions the Israeli side is trying to provoke a new armed conflict in the region, which will allow Israel to strike at Iranian forces.

A day earlier it became known that the Syrian air defense systems were suddenly activated in the western part of Syria. According to a number of assumptions, the activity is associated with a change in positions due to the expected new strikes by the Israeli Air Force during the day.


Gorby also agreed with NATO of his own free will. Where is NATO and where is the USSR?

A fluffy northern animal will come running to them unnoticed, if they continue in the same spirit.
There were no missions to shoot down Israeli planes and they seem to be due to the agreements and goodwill of Russia, which in Syria is not against Israel, but just against terrorists.

They are not afraid, so c400 cannot knock down f35.

Shoot down Jews outside Syria, so that they don't fly close. They only understand the language of power!

Will the Kremlin stop betraying its allies? it's not his style. Will enter the position: the new government of Israel
victories are needed), and again will go to an agreement.

And who exactly "Israel announced the break of the existing agreements with Russia on Syria" ???
But you are also dreamers !!!

Well done. I took it off my tongue.

So you will go and ask.

Don't forget to add "I'm sorry" and "I just have to ask".

This is a bargaining chip, no revenge.

Now you can ask for the IL-20 and for each dead crew member and specialist. Killed 15 of ours. This will not be forgotten. For each victim they will be asked with interest and for the plane.