Israel in one attack destroyed an entire 51 Syrian air defense regiment equipped with Pantsir-S air defense missile systems - only the Iranian complex opened return fire

Russian air defense missile systems "Pantsir-S" have turned from the best to the worst air defense systems.

Despite the fact that after being put into service the Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile systems were able to prove themselves quite well, at the moment these complexes demonstrate their worst qualities - the impossibility of detecting the enemy and the impossibility of repelling the expected air attack. So, according to Syrian sources, during the last IDF attack, the entire 51st Syrian air defense regiment, armed with the Pantsir-S air defense system, was destroyed - the only system that opened fire on enemy aircraft was the Iranian BAVAR-373 complex ...

“As a result of the Israeli air strike, the 51st regiment of the Syrian air defense forces was destroyed, including the recently acquired Pantsir-C1 short-range defense systems. And many people, including the major and the captain of the Syrian army, were killed in the battle. According to a Reuters report on the 19th, the Israeli military admitted that their fighters had launched a large-scale air strike against the Iranian Quds Brigade and Syrian government forces. "- сообщает publication "Sina".

On November 19, 2020, it also became known about the likely destruction of the Iranian BAVAR-373 air defense system, which turned out to be the only air defense system in Syria that opened fire not on missiles, but on Israeli aircraft, although not a single target, according to official reports, was hit ...

It should be noted that the Russian S-300 systems put into service with the Syrian Armed Forces have never been used against aggressive forces.

Judging by the article - the regiment was our "Kamaz" with garbage from the analysis of rubble and protruding pieces of iron from housing and communal services and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Jews are our "brothers", that is, ours, but not ours. A muddy topic.

In some countries there are air defense brigades

And what, there were precedents? Iran attacked Israel from Syria? Or does everyone have the right to attack any country just on suspicion?

for our equipment to knock down Putin's PARTNERS, it is necessary that Putin DOES NOT HAVE these PARTNERS!

Why show them everything (everything is competently done by Russia), you give them, and you look and the Jews will get, and they will change their cunning views on modernizing weapons!

The main thing is how the media journalists will assess and what they will tell us. For a long time no one is interested in real combat effectiveness.

Not two different things, just Russian weapons in the past, I must admit

so send the Russian military there.

Are you sure the outcome will be different?

I really liked the last phrase in this article. "Against aggressively minded forces." Like Israel is aggressive. And the fact that Iran is constantly sending missiles, ammunition, manpower to Syria in order to accumulate and strike at Israel, this article does not say anything. Here he is such an aggressive Israel against a peaceful Iran. He wants to wipe Iran off the face of the Earth.

Yes, as many as 6 regiments were destroyed, write more that you want them :))

Owning a system and being able to use it are two different things.

It looks like a fake. Someone refers to Reuters, someone to the Chinese Sina, at first they talked about an air defense battalion, then this battalion turned out to be a regiment, but a major and a captain appear everywhere. Neither Reuters nor Sina could be found, as well as information about the 51st regiment of the Syrian Air Defense. (Actually in air defense battalions and batteries)

Syria has quite old and / or cut down air defense systems, they are also export ones. Not full-fledged Russian ones. And they are served not by Russian professionals, but by hastily trained Syrians.

Auuuu KBP, Alloy, Val and others that are silent? What did you put in your mouth? Here you are lowered below the plinth! Where did your CMOs and others hide ...

Conclusion - Carapace is a useless props, which only works on a test bench in sterile conditions for passport data for sale.

the question is, why on approach, the shells of C1 did not shoot down missiles (none) - the answer, the shells were in a soft place, they were drowned out. Conclusion - if Israel easily spreads rot on the vaunted shells and c300 - it means reputational multibillion-dollar losses, lack of clients and the guarded vulnerability of the defense of Kaliningrad, Crimea and the Kuril Islands.

51st regiment? Or the 51st Air Defense Regiment?
Israeli fighters attacked Syrian air defenses from what distance? And then the Shell is a close line of defense, after all. If the Jewish planes were at a distance of 30 km from the target, then the Pantsiri will not be able to open fire on them, because their combat distance is maximum 20 km. Iranian Bavar 373 is an analogue of the C300. Its rockets hit 200km. It is foolish to compare the Armor with the C300.