Israel finds itself in a desperate situation in Syria

Israel's attempt to use drones to conduct reconnaissance in Syria is indicative of its plight.

After a few hours ago, the Syrian air defense system successfully shot down Israeli military reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle, and we are talking, presumably, about the IAI Heron drone, experts came to the conclusion that Israel was in a very dire situation, since the effectiveness of strikes on the territory of Syria is close to zero and due to the likelihood that that the Syrian air defense will now attack the IDF fighters, the Israeli drone could try to collect data for a subsequent missile strike directly from Israel.

The opinions of experts boil down to the fact that Israel began to use its drones due to the active suppression of Israeli military aircraft from the territory of Syria, which are trying to collect objective information for subsequent strikes. Nevertheless, given the fact that Syrian air defense systems are already attacking Israeli fighters, the IDF has probably decided to play it safe and use kamikaze drones or ground-based missiles for strikes.

Among other things, there are a number of assumptions that the IDF is trying to establish from which direction it is scanning the airspace of Syria in order to plan its strikes in the future.

By the current hour, the Israeli side has not officially commented on the loss of its drone.

If a cretic mass of Iranian weapons accumulates on the territory of Syria, then neither missiles nor electronic warfare stations will help them. The armada of the Israeli air force will sweep away EVERYTHING on its way !!!