Syria defense


Israel stops attacks against Syria - instead of weekly strikes, no attacks have been made for the third week

Russian air defenses forced Israel to abandon strikes against Syria.

Thanks to the modernization of the Russian air defense systems in service with the Syrian army, and, according to some information, and the use of the S-300 and S-400 air defense systems during Israeli strikes, the IDF no longer dares to attack the territory of Syria, at least in Israel there is serious confusion ...

The last attack of Israeli warplanes against Syria was recorded in early September, and if earlier Israel attacked the territory of a neighboring country almost regularly, then after the last destruction of Israeli cruise missiles by Syrian, and according to other sources, Russian air defense means, the IDF has not dared to undertake any action against Syria.

Earlier it became known that unknown means of electronic warfare very seriously impede the strikes of the Israeli Air Force, suppressing the onboard electronic warfare systems of Israeli warplanes and the guidance systems of fired missiles, as a result of which the Syrian air defense systems managed to achieve efficiency in intercepting even stealth missiles in 93 %.

According to experts, during the recent visit of the Israeli delegation to Russia, this issue could well have been discussed, but given that Israel itself ignores any agreements with the Russian side, the Russian military will also support the CAA.