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Israel abandons attacks on Iranian targets in Syria after deploying additional Russian air defenses

The unexpected effectiveness of Syrian air defense systems forced Israel to abandon strikes against Iranian forces.

Despite the fact that the Israeli side threatened to unleash a hail of strikes on Iran and its facilities in Syria, it became known that the Israeli defense department came to the conclusion that it was necessary to abandon the original plans. The reason for this was the unexpected deployment of additional air defense systems on the territory of Syria, and against the background of the recent demonstration of the high efficiency of the air defense systems of the ATS (13 out of 14 missiles fired within three days - ed.), There was a serious risk that the Israeli Air Force could suffer serious losses, especially without the cover of their own air defense systems.

Among other things, there is information that Israel did not find support for its planned military operation from the United States, and, obviously, it is for this reason that the Israeli forces have been preferring not to escalate in Syria for two weeks now and are not taking any retaliatory measures. against Iran.

It should be noted that earlier Israel accused Iran of attacking its ships, threatening a serious military response, however, no evidence of Tehran's involvement in this was provided.

Let them deceive themselves))

hmm .._____ Russians know how to lie

I approve of this approach of the Israelis to awards for military merit. I am especially surprised that the veterans of military operations are decorated with jubilee medals on the occasion of the next date of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. We would feel sorry for elderly people: it is not easy to carry kilograms of metal on the chest. It would be better if they paid more money.

It is not worth checking the "cowardice" of the Russians, the attempt to erase the Russian base may end badly for Israel.

Leonid! The Israeli Army does not give a medal. They give pads and badges for participating in hostilities. But the military never or very rarely wear these things. This is not Russia, which is a military man and especially a veteran under the weight of award medals. In Israel, they are fighting for survival, not for a reward.

Russian Jews will be more accurate

Guest, no one argues. But in response, Israel would have been crushed into okroshka in 5 minutes)))

Alexander, at the same time bombed a couple of bases of alien flying saucers

I am more than confident that Israel in its media heroically reports on all 13 missiles launched, destroying all their targets. Moreover, they probably write that despite the deployed Russian air defense, the IDF planes manage to find cracks in the sectors of their shelling and continue to destroy Iranian military bases, weapons depots and training camps for Iranian militants in Syria every day. And pilots are awarded orders and medals for successful operations. Well, then copper pipes and fanfare sound

Dear editors!

This article is good until Israel once again attacks Iranian targets in Syria.
And then what will you do with it?
Erase, probably?))))

Not heresy in this article. If they don't bomb, then there is no need. It means that new missiles have not been delivered yet. And when you need to destroy these missiles, believe me, all air defenses that try to interfere, go to the melalla.

it's not over yet and reconnaissance will clearly report where these new air defense systems are, then we'll see ...

Less than three days later, Israel crumbled another base into okroshka, either Syrian, or Iranian, or some other - IT'S ALL IN THE DRUM!

Less than three days later, Israel crumbled another base!

The owner said "early!" Dvornya and froze. They will be synchronized with the attack on Donbass.

Cowardly Russians Israel would have erased your base in 3 minutes

The Jews are cowardly ... (oops, - it turned out "butter")



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