Radar attack


Israel has transferred systems to destroy S-300 to Azerbaijan

A military aircraft that arrived from Israel delivered to the Azerbaijani military systems capable of destroying the S-300 positional areas.

According to Israeli information resources, the Il-76 military transport aircraft, which arrived in Azerbaijan from Israel a few hours ago, delivered several systems capable of fighting the deployed S-300 positional areas to the armament of the Azerbaijani army. According to unconfirmed reports, the Azerbaijani army received these systems free of charge, in order to test the capabilities of countering the S-300 air defense systems, and, probably, the S-400, if Yerevan requests these complexes from Russia.

According to preliminary data, we are talking about the "Harpy" system, which is a mobile complex capable of launching several kamikaze drones, which are aimed at the target using air defense radars.

With a flight range of up to 400 kilometers, according to the official data of the developer, these systems will be capable of striking all positional areas of Armenian air defense systems, while Israel itself positions the Harpy system as a highly effective means of combating the S-300 and S-400 complexes.

There are no official comments from Azerbaijan regarding the transfer of such weapons by the Israeli military, however, precisely because of the air defense means, the Azerbaijani Air Force cannot be used to deliver strikes - in just four days, Azerbaijan lost 7 military helicopters and one aircraft.

Since when iskanders decommissioned military equipment

Nothing personal, just business. Russia is testing its air defense systems, Israel is testing its counter-air defense and anti-radar systems. Opportunity. Moreover, Iran, apparently, supports Armenia in this conflict.

Decommissioned military equipment? Since when have the S-300s been decommissioned? In general, good equipment is worthwhile in Armenia.

With whom are the Orthodox Armenians? They have their own understanding of Christianity, like Raska as a cash cow ...)))

How wrong you are! Armenians, for the most part, belong to the Apostolic Church (Gregorian).

It's just business. And let Armenia learn a lesson from this and stop rolling the barrel at everyone.

I heard that the Azeris still persuaded Netanyahu, for a big loot, of course, to dig up and sell them the corpses of his parents and, as a bonus, live Sarah. Business however, a Jew however.

Misha, there were Adam and Eve. And religion, it would be better not to kill anyone anywhere. Everyone wants to live.

What would Armenia have fought with in the absence of money if not for the decommissioned equipment from Russia?

Armenia would live and not grieve in friendship with the Russian Federation, but for some reason they thought that America was dearer to them. First they rush about trying to sell their loyalty at a higher price, and then there is no money, the old Russia sells weapons to them.

Armenians are Catholics

Israel, like Russia, sells weapons to everyone who buys them. The Armenians simply do not have money, so Russia throws them only its decommissioned equipment.

And that there are 2 Gods in the sky and one of them is Orthodox?

So Israel showed its face. And, after all, this is directed, according to the message, against Orthodox Armenia.