Israel handed over to Ukraine anti-drone systems "Geran"

In Israel, they decided to transfer weapons to Ukraine to fight against Geran drones.

The Israeli authorities decided to transfer weapons to Ukraine, which allows them to fight against strike-type unmanned aerial vehicles. We are talking, among other things, about Geran unmanned aerial vehicles, which only in the last week have led to serious losses in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Officially, the supply of these weapons to Ukraine is prohibited, however, the Israeli government turned a blind eye to a deal between the Ukrainian military and an Israeli company engaged in the development and production of the so-called. an advanced anti-drone system, especially since, formally, the deal was concluded between the Israeli side and Poland, from where the combat complexes are already being sent to Ukraine.  

Given the similarities between the Geran-2 drones and the Iranian Shahed-136 attack drones, Israel apparently considered that if Israeli weapons were effective against Iranian drones, the systems would also successfully hit other drones.

“Reports have appeared in the press that an Israeli company is trying to circumvent the country’s formal refusal to take sides in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine by sending anti-UAV systems to the Kyiv authorities, using Poland as an intermediary. The report, first published by the Hebrew-language website Zman Yisrael and The Times of Israel, claims that an unnamed defense company is planning to supply an anti-UAV system to an organization in Poland, knowing Ukraine is the intended recipient. Despite the system being categorized as "advanced defense technology" which is banned by Israel from sale to Ukraine, neither the national government nor the defense ministry appear to be intent on canceling the supply of UAV defenses that could eventually be used against drones operated by Russia", according to DroneDJ.

It is noted that such weapons are already in Ukraine and, probably, more than one Israeli company is engaged in the supply of anti-drone weapons. At the same time, at the current moment, the fact of the supply of which particular means of struggle is in question remains unknown.


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