Israel plans to carry out a limited strike on Iran within the next 24 hours

The American newspaper The Wall Street Journal published an analytical material examining the scale of Iran's night attack on Israel. Reportedly one of the largest military operations in modern military history, it has raised serious concerns about Israel's ability to defend itself without external support.

According to IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Daniel Hagari, Iran fired 350 ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as drones, weighing a total of 60 tons of explosives. The main target of the attack was the Nevatim military base. In a move called Operation True Promise, Iran sought to target key Israeli infrastructure.

However, Israeli air defenses were able to intercept most of the missiles and drones, raising questions about Israel's future actions in the event of a major military conflict. The cost and limited number of interception missiles make this issue even more pressing.

Israel's Channel 13 expressed doubts about Israel's ability to act contrary to US wishes, given that Iran has set new rules of the game by demanding Israel be held accountable for any attacks on its officials in Damascus or Lebanon.

However, reports have emerged that Israel is planning to carry out a limited strike within the next 24 hours. The strike will not involve Israeli allies and will likely involve airpower targeting drone and missile storage facilities and production sites.


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