Israel supports Ukraine by confiscating Iranian weapons and transferring them to Ukraine

Ukraine is armed with Iranian drones, ammunition and weapons.

The new Israeli ambassador to Germany, Ron Prosor, made a statement that Israel fully supports the Ukrainian side in the conflict between Kyiv and Moscow and provides Ukraine with much more support than advertised. According to Prosor, Israel's support for Ukraine is not limited to what the media publishes. In particular, the Israeli ambassador said that the Israeli army regularly suppresses illegal deliveries of Iranian weapons, which are subsequently transported to Ukraine.

“The Israeli army regularly cuts off the supply of weapons from Iran to Syria and Lebanon. Among them are Iranian drones and missiles that Russia uses in the conflict (the Russian side has previously denied the use of Iranian weapons - ed.) ”Israeli Ambassador to Germany Ron Prosor said.

Earlier it became known that Ukraine has weapons of the Iranian army, various ammunition and, quite remarkable, even reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles. Initially, there were suggestions that these weapons could be supplied by Tehran for Ukraine. However, taking into account Prosor's statement, such weapons and ammunition were supplied to Ukraine after they were confiscated from the Iranian side.


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