Israel showed how it bombed the Syrian airbase, refuting the statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

After the statements of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Israel showed how it successfully bombed the Syrian airbase.

Despite the statement by the Russian Ministry of Defense that the Israeli attack on the night of July 21-22 was successfully repelled, it became known that the information in this regard did not correspond to reality. The reason for this was the publication by the Israeli side of satellite images, which clearly show the devastating consequences of Israeli missile strikes.

On the satellite images presented, it can be seen that the territory of the Syrian military airbase was indeed successfully attacked, although the Russian side stated that all the missiles fired by the Israeli side were successfully shot down. Based on satellite images, at least three air strikes occurred in this area alone.

“Shortly after 01:00 am on Wednesday night, the official Syrian news agency Sana reported that the air defense systems of the Syrian army in the Homs area were working to repel an enemy attack. A few minutes later, the Arab broadcaster Al-Arabiya announced that the attack was aimed at targets at a Syrian military airport: Shairat in the Homs region of northern Syria. This is the second night this week associated with airstrikes in Syria ", - the Israeli news agency "NZIV" reports, publishing relevant satellite images.

A little earlier, representatives of the Russian defense department reported that all four missiles were destroyed by the Syrian air defense on duty: the Russian-made Buk-M2E complexes.

Is it really possible to see anything in these pictures?

Syria will cope on its own .. On the part of Russia, the modernization and training of the army .. It is permissible to recruit a contract unit in the size of brigals from the local (with strict selection requirements and in agreement with Assad) .. This is more than enough. To fight Russia with Israel directly is a big mistake .. Russia needs to keep its forces fresh in case of a war with Turkey, which could break out at any moment

And what ... does Israel have satellites ?? Didn't know that Israel is a space power !?

The runway is intact.

It is clear that the United States and Israel are trying to eliminate such a state as Syria, and Russia does not know what to do now, but it becomes clear that without confrontation with Israel, Russia simply cannot and cannot already defend the country according to its obligations, this is a failure. you can't be good for everyone you have to make a choice or you lose.

How it all started ...

I'll just answer - always. And in 1956, and in 1967, and in 1973, and in 1982. But the Arab and Soviet propaganda lied. It was a shame to tell the truth. Wipe down

The Jews learned to edit a movie from the Turks.

And where did the Israelites inflict damage? All that is visible is all to the side of the runway. So planes can take off?
Everything else is fixable over time.
I express the opinion of the "sofa expert" far from bombing ...

And what do we see in these two pictures? As far as I understand, the optics from the intercom are installed on the Israeli satellites?

Oh, I'm sorry, so we didn't shoot rockets ?!

The photos are not impressive. You can photoshop anything!
So who's lying is not clear.

And when did the Russians tell the truth?

There will be a rebuff, then the effect will appear. The Palestinians showered with handicraft kassams, since how many anti-missiles alone they spent 10 years in advance, but there is no price or conversation. A little more and all supplies would run out.

And funny and true!

As usual, Syrian propaganda is lying, while Russia wants to keep its image. Russia and Israel are acting together. Iran has no place in Syrian territory. Do you want to be believed? No problem. For Israel, the main thing is the result. We can assume that all objects were destroyed with one rakeit.

And when did the Jews tell the truth?

And when did the Russian information from Syria "correspond to reality"? Ever since the downed Su-24 ...



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