Israel tried to strike at the Russian Navy base in Tartus and the Khmeimim airbase, but immediately paid

It became known about Israel’s attempts to attack the positions of the Russian military in Syria.

Maltese military expert Babak Tagway made a statement that a few days ago, Israel made an attempt to attack Russian military bases in Syria. According to the data presented, the Russian military air base Khmeimim and the Russian Navy base in Tartus, as well as their surroundings, were to be attacked. Nevertheless, Russia thwarted such an attack, and the Israeli drone destroyed two days ago was the first reminder to the Israeli side of the consequences of the escalation of the situation.

“Russia blocked the Syrian airspace for the Israeli Air Force and frustrated plans to launch airstrikes on Latakia on 18 and 19 on September. The Russians blocked airspace with the S-400 air defense system, flying Su-35, and also by conducting naval exercises along the Syrian coastline. In addition, by putting its S-400 air defense battery on standby to deal with the Israeli Air Force F-35 and F-16, Russia also authorized the Syrian military to operate its S-300ПМ2 battery against Israeli fighters. However, the Russians always gave Israel a green light to attack the IRGC and Hezbollah’s organization in Syria, but it seems that they can’t tolerate any air strike against the SAA in Latakia, especially near the Russian Navy base in Tartus and the Khmeimim air base ”“- Babak Tagway reports, obviously emphasizing the fact that Israel was going to attack objects located near Russian military bases.

It should be clarified that a few hours ago, not far from the border with Israel, two more Israeli drones were destroyed, which, presumably, were supposed to attack targets in Al Quneitra.

I'm afraid even on the Israeli version of Wikipedia you will not find confirmation of your words. It was necessary to add a few words about Israeli nuclear weapons in response to the nuclear bombings of the Islamists)

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Israel is also full of Russian Jews and not even Jews who do not want tensions with Russia.

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And where does this Babak come from? .. Ah, understand! Tell this liar and troll that Israel is very glad that there are Russians in Syria. Heymeim is a guarantee of Israeli security from the east. There are already agreements between Russia and Israel on the flight zones .Israel itself is a bastion against the spread of Arab expansion and Russia's “freelance ally” in this matter. Even more reliable than Iran. The Israeli commentator gave out an Israeli commentary as an attack. The stump is yet another incitement to anti-Semitism. We also have such near-by. .

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In fact, Israel is the PEACEST state in the world. And all these Arab-Israeli wars were committed through the fault of the Arab countries, after the Arab aggressors were the first (!) To attack Israel, or began to shell Israeli territory. And in this case, Israel was forced to respond to aggression from the Arab Islamist bandits ... but the Putlerian media continue to escalate the situation around Israel, supporting Arab terrorists and blaming Israel for everything. Such is the current Putlerian Russia ... (myself, I am RUSSIAN, if that ...)

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As all these countries are irrepressible, why not live in peace! And whatever they say about our troops in Syria, I'm sure they are not casual there. I believe Putin, he knows what he is doing!

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The Israelis, in such cases, launch a missile and bomb strike on objects from which shells were launched at their objects. Simple and tasteful.

Some kind of "victory". Admiration and pride "for the power of our armed forces" or for the "decisiveness and efficiency of our command" does not cause. Now, if a retaliatory strike on the command post from where the drone was launched, then it would be emotionally exciting!

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Actually, an attack on a state’s military base is called a declaration of war, and the answer should be symmetrical. Or as in that joke: “Israel has more Jews in Israel”? Impunity breeds impudence ...

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I’ll probably upset everyone here again .. This downed drone turned out to be Iranian .. The Iranian Hezbollah tried to send him to Israel, but did not coordinate its actions with the Syrian army .. they shot him down, or rather, he fell down without flying for a long time those reason ..

I’ll probably upset everyone here ... but Israel never tried to attack Russian military facilities, because Israel has complete understanding in this region .. Israel does not touch the Russians, Russians do not touch the Jews ..

drones are not the answer! need to shoot down planes! otherwise HIS PARTNERS will not understand the situation and will continue

But GDP is proud to have a good relationship with Israel. But it’s interesting - the US and Israel have good relations, if Israel all the time spoils us slowly and not very slowly.