Israel: Russian EW systems caused unsuccessful strikes against Syria

Israel spoke about the unsuccessful attacks on Syria because of the Russian EW systems.

Despite the fact that there is no visible evidence of the impact of the Russian EW systems on the territory of Israel and the Syrian-Israeli border, Israel admitted that most of the failed attacks on Syria were not at all caused by the effectiveness of the Syrian air defense systems, some of which have been for more than 60 years old, but the impact of Russian electronic suppression systems.

According to the expert, referring to a source in the command of the Israel Defense Forces, the Russian systems do not affect Israel’s radar facilities, but completely suppress the global positioning system, with the result that missiles and bombs cannot hit selected targets.

“The Russian silencer of GPS signals will no longer reduce the accuracy of Israeli air strikes against Syria, thanks to the new automatic target recognition capability for Spice-250 — precise guided bombs.”, - the expert has declared.

Nevertheless, as the specialist emphasizes, the adoption of the Spice 250 planning bombs, equipped with a unique targeting and target recognition system, will completely correct the current problem.

Moreover, according to the IDF, the improved “smart bomb” will make it possible to fight even with C-300 air defense systems, which, however, has not yet received any confirmation.

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