Israel threatens Russia with consequences for selling Turkey to Su-35 fighters

Israel is worried that Turkey will arm itself with Russian Su-35.

Against the background of the emergence of information that Russia offered Turkey to acquire its 4 ++ Su-35 generation fighters, Israel expressed serious concern about this issue, threatening Russia with serious consequences for the sale of these combat aircraft to Ankara.

“Turkey’s purchase of Su-35 fighters is unlikely to have a significant impact on the alignment of forces in the region. Compared with the American F-35, then we are talking about machines that are similar in their characteristics and capabilities, so, I think, there is not much difference. On the other hand, I want to remind you that Turkey is a very dubious partner for Russia, because today Turkish interests are here, and tomorrow they are there. As they say, Turkey dances at all weddings and sits on all chairs. She is an active member of NATO and will not go anywhere from there. ”- said the former Israeli ambassador to Russia Zvi Magen.

In fact, Israel expresses concern that Turkey has behaved as an extremely unreliable partner, and therefore, Russia could get a serious security breach. Nevertheless, analysts note that earlier it was Israel who lobbied for the closure of the F-35 fighter program for Turkey, and therefore, the appearance of Su-35 in Ankara could lead to a problem for Israel.

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