Nuclear explosion


Did Israel use tactical nuclear weapons? A photo

Did Israel use nuclear tactical weapons?

A few hours ago, photographs appeared showing an unusual explosion in the Negev desert. Judging by the power of the explosion, Israel could have tested nuclear tactical weapons, which had previously been used in the region.

In the presented photograph you can see a large column of smoke, which indicates a high power of the explosion. The Israeli Nuclear Research Center is located in this region, and according to experts, this may indicate that Israel is conducting tests of nuclear weapons on its territory.

No official comments on this score from the Israeli authorities have yet been received, while the media does not exclude that the submitted photo may be fake in nature, which, however, has not yet found any evidence.

Earlier in the Negev desert, a series of tests of nuclear weapons was indeed carried out, and if information about nuclear tests is true, experts do not rule out. that Israel can openly prepare for conflict with Iran.