Israel bombed the largest military air base in Syria - the Russian air forces did not suffer

Israel bombed the largest air base in Syria.

A few hours ago it became known that as a result of uncontrolled Israeli air strikes, the runway of one of the largest military air bases in Syria was completely unsuitable for its operation by military transport and combat aircraft.

At the moment, it is known that the Russian air forces used the Syrian military air base Shairat quite rarely, however, the likelihood that it could be a transshipment point for basing Russian combat aircraft and helicopters is still quite large.

The satellite imagery shows that at least seven Israeli missiles destroyed the runways of one of the largest military air bases, while, apparently, it was the runways and taxiways that were the main target of the Israeli warplanes.

What exactly was the reason for such Israeli aggression is unknown, however, at the moment this is the first documented evidence of Israeli attacks on Syrian territory on the night of March 31.

According to a number of assumptions, the attack on the Syrian military air base is associated with an attempt to prevent the landing of aircraft coming from Iran, however, there are no official comments on this score from Israel.

how much% of the budget is oil sales in America and the Russian Federation?))

Judging by the damage, the airfield is decommissioned for 3-4 hours, if the ground services are absolutely not ready for anything, of which I doubt it, then for a day. And was it worth the blow, even from an economic point of view of such efforts and costs?

A brilliantly conducted operation, about which our valiant VKS learned about the fact. It’s sad.

What are the S-400s doing in Syria? Is Israel's contract with Russian Jews in power?

Sorry to correct. Iran supports Hezbollah.

All "similar acts of aggression" by Israel are caused by only one circumstance: the use of Syrian facilities by Iranian militants supporting Hamas, who proclaimed their goal to destroy Israel.

unhappy america even feel sorry for her



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