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Israel: Russia allowed Iran to shoot down Israeli planes over Syria

The Russian military allowed Iran to deploy its air defense in Syria to protect against Israel.

The aggressive actions of Tel Aviv against Syria, and the lack of coordination in actions with Russia, forced the latter to grant Iran the right to deploy its air defense equipment in this country, thereby allowing them to open fire on Israeli military aircraft and drones without warning.

According to the Israeli information and news resource "Debka", against the background of the appearance of Iranian air defense systems in Syria, as evidenced by the data of several sources at once, it was suggested that Tehran and Moscow reached an agreement allowing the Iranian military to place their funds in Syria air defense, including, we can talk about the Bavar-373 air defense system, whose effective range of destruction of targets reaches 200-250 kilometers.

“On Friday, December 6, Russian and Syrian military sources reported that Iran deployed its Bavar-373 advanced anti-aircraft missile system east of Homs. The range of the missile radar system is 350 km. In other words, the entire region of eastern Syria, including the border areas between Syria and Iraq, and the Deir-ez-Zore region, where Iranian forces and the Iraqi Shiite militia are located, are within reach of these missiles. According to Iranian and Western sources, this is a version of anti-aircraft missiles, developed on the basis of Russian technologies of Russian anti-aircraft missiles C-300 and C-400. Bavar 373 missiles are capable of detecting and hitting cruise missiles and modern invisible aircraft including the F-35. Military sources indicate that since Russian planes and helicopters are located at the T-4 airbase, it should be assumed that the Iranians received Moscow’s consent to deploy these missiles in the base area. Until now, Russia has not allowed the Iranians to deploy these anti-aircraft missiles in Syria. ”, - reports "Debka».

In turn, there have been rebuttals on social networks that it was the Bavar-373 air defense system, however, there is evidence that Tehran did send air defense systems to Syria, however, it is likely to be shorter, and the latest may be the modernized Soviet systems, which have proven themselves in the defeat of air targets.

Yes, Iran will not even ask Russia. Iran simply doesn’t have the ability to bring down planes.

I’m wondering if the Russian submarine had a statue of Liberty in the USA.

So soon even Eugene sparrows will not be able to fly over Syria !!

you don’t need to fly over foreign land - then they won’t bring down!