Intercept drone


Israel shot down a Syrian drone with 6,8 million dollars worth of anti-aircraft missiles

Israel was ridiculed for destroying the 300-dollar drone, with 6,8 million dollars worth of missiles.

Last year, Israel reported on the successful destruction of the Syrian unmanned aerial vehicle, which illegally entered the airspace over the Golan Heights, and subsequently would be destroyed by anti-aircraft missiles. However, Israel’s actions were ridiculed, because for the destruction of a drone worth 300 dollars, Israel deployed two anti-aircraft missiles worth 6,8 million dollars.

“Bibi (nicknamed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - approx. Ed.) Decided to boast of the destruction of a Syrian drone worth 300 dollars, but forgot to tell you that the two missiles were worth almost 7 million. In addition, for some reason, he decided not to talk about the "fiasco" on the reflection of almost five hundred missiles launched by Hamas. ", - Facebook user notes.

According to experts, last year Israel spent at least 700-800 million dollars to destroy drone vehicles, intercept missiles and destroy Syrian fighters, due to which Israel even expressed interest in developing small air defense systems, using less expensive anti-aircraft missiles.