Complex Pantsir-S


Israel again attacked the position of the Syrian "Pantsir-S"

Israel struck the locations of the Syrian air defense systems.

Tonight, the Israeli military again attacked Syria. According to available data, initially balloons were launched into the sky, which served as bait, and after the fire was opened on them by Syrian air defense systems, Israel tried to destroy their deployment sites, in particular, we are talking about Pantsir-S complexes located in the vicinity of Syrian capital.

At the moment there is evidence that the attack by the Israeli military was completely repelled, while the continuation of the Israeli attack was impeded by Russian fighters that were raised into the air over the northern part of Damascus.

No official comment has been received by the Israeli military on this score yet, but there is evidence that the Israeli attack was not coordinated with the Russian military, and moreover, Israel once again put the civilian airliners that, after the start of the attack, under attack by air defense systems. attacks by the Syrian air defense began to urgently change course.

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