Israel, taking advantage of the death of the Iranian president, launched new attacks on Syria

An Israeli Air Force unmanned aerial vehicle struck a truck belonging to Hezbollah militants in the Quseir area on the border with Lebanon. As a result of this attack, one fighter was killed and five others were injured. In addition, the Israeli Air Force also carried out strikes on targets in the Hama area, increasing tensions in the region.

These events take place against the backdrop of the death of the Iranian president, whose helicopter crashed under mysterious circumstances two days ago. This incident adds even more instability to the regional situation and many experts are already speculating about possible connections between these incidents.

The attack on Hezbollah in the Quseir region continues a series of operations aimed at undermining the Iran-backed Shiite group's military capabilities. Tensions between Israel and Hezbollah have increased significantly in recent months, leading to an increase in armed clashes and airstrikes.

The target of Israeli strikes on Hama, according to analysts, could be weapons depots or command centers used to coordinate IRGC operations. At the same time, Israeli officials have refrained from commenting on the specific targets and results of the attacks, which is standard practice for the Israeli military.


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