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Israel first used F-35I Adir against Russian C-400 in Syria

Fifth-generation Israeli fighters were first used against the Russian C-400 in Syria.

The Breaking Defense news publication, citing military sources in the Israeli Ministry of Defense, reports that the Israeli Air Force first used fifth-generation F-35I Adir fighters against Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems deployed in Syria, moreover, as noted in the Israeli Air Force, by no means unsuccessfully.

It is really about the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems deployed at the Russian military air base Khmeimim and not far from the city of Masyaf. Nevertheless, it is reported that these are only exercises, however, in the course of them the actual use of weapons by F-35 fighters was tested, including in the areas of deployment of the C-400 themselves.

“For several days, Israeli, American, German, Italian, and Greek fighters, including hidden F-35s, practiced aerial combat and air strikes on a simulated air defense system.”- Breaking Defense reports.

It is noteworthy that a little earlier in the media there was information that the Russian military had turned off the C-400 and C-300, and at present the airspace over the Arab Republic is controlled only by short and medium range systems.

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What nonsense do people carry on the Internet about Putin, the army, statehood, Russia itself ... while not realizing that the country is only 25 years old. People want to have everything right away and not really strain. We must work better and better and love our Fatherland!

yes it’s very easy to determine, the criteria are simple and obvious, they weren’t shot down, the tasks were completed, the X-NUMX was bombed in smoke. Here is the FSE.

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In general, it is easier for Mr. Sokolenko to hang labels on the president chosen by the people of the Russian Federation. If you didn’t vote for him, this is no reason to spit saliva.

This is your interpretation of Putin’s words, Gregory. There was no mockery or irritation in his words. Do not be like Mr. Amnuel, a specialist in the distortion of meanings said by opponents.

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"..... first used against Russian C-400 in Syria ...."
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And what does the phrase "by no means unsuccessfully" mean. What is meant by this? how
The Israeli Air Force determined that they "by no means unsuccessfully" overcame the Russian air defense system in Syria in the person of C-300 and C-400. What, they called our command and asked: "Guys, tell me, have we successfully overcome you?" If they were not shot down, this does not mean that the air defense systems for these F-35 did not work. There are no installations for the destruction of aircraft in the sky of Syria. Our air defense systems exclusively protect the airfield in Khmeimim, and if there is no threat to the guarded object, then the combat work of the complex consists only in the detection and tracking of targets. So this crap from the Israeli Air Force is called: the cat tried to pull the cat’s mouse by the whiskers, and the cat opened its eyes and yawned, didn’t even raise its paw. may get angry, then it’s not enough. Well, if it’s more convenient for you to complacency, walking and shouting: “Akella missed”, then try to seriously violate the zone of responsibility of the air defense systems in Khmeimim and see how you will not succeed in doing so.

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Putin responded to himself. After all, he is also a military man and chose this profession himself, which means he is ready to defend his homeland at any frontier and at any cost. What cynicism is there? Even based on information in the public domain, Putin during his military career has been in rather harsh situations and out of them with dignity. And not sofa critics to condemn him.

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It is probably smart to turn on air defense at the end of the enemy air raid on our positions!

And here, C-300 and C-400, when the exercises were held, our complexes were replaced by American Patriots, and now they report that they have successfully bypassed our complexes, and why they can’t be circumvented if they are replaced by Patriots.

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Did you serve Have you fought I am amazed that so many "rot" in our society. Who are you to discuss Putin? Putin was chosen by the Russian people; he entrusted him with the fate of the country. And here the BOWS Bark!

Yes, they themselves have chosen this profession, you don’t understand this, therefore you have no right to discuss this topic. Write about cookies

Anatoly, you directly beautifully linked the death of 14 officers (there are much more of them understandable) with Putin's words about choosing professions. Have you studied this somewhere? Did someone train and stimulate you? )) Or you yourself do not understand, that this is so in fact. Yes, long-distance drivers die much more on the roads, and miners, in general, are in a dire situation, and there men go to the mines, because they made this choice themselves. But you are not risking any delirium writing about cynicism, instead of being proud of our men, in whose blood there is dedication, fidelity to duty, to the people. They will fulfill their mission in any place and in any field where his fate has set. This is our strength ... but it’s understandable that it’s not your strong point, your character, it’s more convenient for you to look for dirt, and if it doesn’t work, then create it

What do you want? After all, from his position, he said everything correctly. The army of the Russian Federation is not a part of the people, as in the USSR. The army of the Russian Federation is a power servant of financial, political and other interests that are very far from popular interests.

Noteworthy. The previous speaker was disconnected from understanding the principles of the work of the videoconferencing, he did not serve in the army and was not even at the military department, which clearly indicates who he actually works for.

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What heroes defeated the target in the exercises! And in the picture is the F-22 Raptor.

Noteworthy. During the NATO exercises, the Russian air defense in Syria was turned off, which clearly indicates who the Kremlin is actually working for. No need for extra words. And the death of our 14 officers two years ago from Israeli rockets, to hell with it. Indeed, in Israel - people, and in the Russian Federation - consumables. Recall Putin’s statement a week after the entry of our troops into Syria. When asked by the journalist that our guys would die there, Putin with a mockery and irritation literally answered: "So they themselves chose such a profession." This is cynicism of the highest measure and contempt for our people because the Russian people, and even more so, the head of the Russian state, if he is Russian, I never, I repeat, could never say so. Yes, the military, and even more so the officer, chooses a profession in order to defend his homeland. Everyone understands this, but the patriot of his people and the Fatherland will never say so cynically as Putin said.