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Israel is afraid to bomb Syria for the first time in 4 years

Successfully repelling Israeli attacks and launching missiles at Israeli fighters forced the IDF to stop strikes against Syria.

For the first time in four years, the Israeli side has not attempted to launch new missile strikes on Syrian territory. Fears stem from the fact that the last four IDF attacks have been successfully repelled and anti-aircraft guided missiles have been fired in response to attacks on Israeli warplanes.

Previously, in the event of unsuccessful IDF attacks, strikes on Syrian territory were repeated either the next day or a few days later. The modernization of the Syrian air defense system by Russian specialists has led to the fact that now for the first time since the delivery of the S-300 air defense system to the Syrian army, Israel is afraid that Damascus could legally shoot down Israeli Air Force fighters, not to mention the fact that the Syrian side had previously threatened to launch missile strikes with the help of OTRK, if Israel does not stop its aggression against the Arab Republic.

The last four Israeli attacks on Syria were successfully repelled, since the effectiveness of the destruction of Israeli stealth missiles was about 88-93%. At the same time, the Syrian air defenses have successfully fired missiles at Israeli combat aircraft even over neighboring states.

Earlier it was reported that during the visit of the Israeli delegation to Russia, Israel tried to force the Russian side to abandon the defense of Syria, but, due to the fact that the Israeli side did not fulfill the agreement, Russia responded to such calls with a refusal.

Your surname is right. Like in Mowgli with Sherkhan's fellow traveler - Tabaki, and you behave like him.

Okay, let's leave aside the "successfully shot down Israeli missiles" - anything is possible - what if. But most of all I liked: "At the same time, the Syrian air defenses have successfully fired missiles at Israeli combat aircraft even over neighboring states." What does it mean successfully if you didn't hit a single plane? Or is the fact that the Syrians are capable of firing a missile towards Israeli planes is regarded as successful?

yesterday they bombed, and today they bombard you with lies.

18-09-21 at 6.30 flew bombed and ..... only zilch from the air defense of Syria ...... there would be someone to be afraid of.

"Syrian air defenses have successfully fired missiles at Israeli combat aircraft"
Is it not necessary to hit at all at the same time?

Why don't you think that what the Russian media write is not for internal Russian use?

As always, the Russian media are trying to pass off wishful thinking.

Russians like fakes about their vaunted air defense ..))

This is the Israeli media, not the Russian media. In Israel, for lying in the media, you risk freedom or a large fine.

Don't tell my slippers. Bombed, bombed and will bomb. Because the security of the country is paramount, and the journalists of this site don't have to wishful thinking.

What is Russia proud of? By using its weapons to prevent Israel from destroying the missiles brought from Iran for Hezbollah terrorists. Why is Russia protecting terrorists? Not because of Syria, but only in order to advertise their goods even at the cost of the lives of their own Russian citizens living in Israel. A shameful country supporting terror!

The Israeli media write a lot of things, but this does not mean at all that everything written is true! Frightened Israel has a persecution mania from Syria and from Iran. You need to think less stupid things, Israeli friends, you will sleep better!

"The day before yesterday it was written in the Israeli media" - they also write a lot on the walls, but not everything can be trusted. This was written for internal use only.

The day before yesterday, the Israeli media reported that pro-Iranian forces were attacked in northern Syria. This attack is attributed to Israel. For some reason they are not afraid of Syrian missiles.

No one wants a heroic death to achieve dubious goals.