Attack on Syria


Israel strikes Syria for the second night in a row. Video

Israel again attacked the territory of Syria.

With a crash, the failed attack of Israel on the suburb of the Syrian capital the night before was resumed a few minutes ago. According to sources on social networks, this time the territory near the city of Quneitra was attacked by the Israeli military.

Eyewitnesses reported on the work of the Syrian air defense, but do not rule out that Israel is using electronic warfare, since missiles and other projectiles flying from the Golan Heights were not observed.

In addition to the work of air defense systems, indiscriminate fire from various small arms is reported, which does not exclude the likelihood that Israel could have launched a ground operation near the Golan Heights, which, however, did not find any official confirmation.

Whether Israel’s military actions were coordinated with the Russian military remains unknown, but three days earlier, three Russian Su-35 fighters were seen in the northern part of Damascus, apparently preparing to intercept Israeli aircraft, the use of which, however, was never confirmed.

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