Syrian air defense system


Israel has disabled Syrian air defense systems

Israel began to “jam” Syrian air defense systems.

Despite the fact that, relatively recently, Israel pointed out the effectiveness of its air strikes on the territory of Syria, it became known that in reality, the success of strikes on the territory of Syria is only about 30-40%. Against this background, Israel even began to “jam” Syrian air defense systems in order to somehow improve the effectiveness of its strikes.

On the eve of the afternoon, the Israeli side stated that, during the attacks on the Syrian province of Tel al-Hara, Israel used its EW facilities in order to interfere with the operation of the Syrian air defense systems. How effective such measures were, so far remains unknown, however, several objects in Syria were destroyed.

Remarkable is the fact that the Syrian military is also using electronic suppression systems against Israeli air defense systems and missile defense systems located in the Golan Heights area (Syrian territory occupied by Israel - ed.), As previously reported.

Earlier, Israel justified striking the territory of Syria with the alleged presence of the Iranian military, but recently the positions of the Syrian government forces have been attacked.

Well done!

Something recently, judging by the information of many sites, I came to the conclusion that Israeli missiles are very successfully intercepted by warehouses, arsenals and the launchers of those who "intercept" ....

Where before?

First of all, you should understand where the legs grow from: Israel is the US ally. And the matter is not in Iran, but in the whim of the United States, for which Bashar Assad, uncontrolled by them and, consequently, his Armed Forces, remains the number one enemy in Syria because the competitor in fuel and lubricant is also friendly with a more formidable competitor - Russia. Iran, which is a direct competitor of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates in the oil and gas sector, is an economic enemy and the United States. Here, Israel is bombing competitors of the United States in order not to lose their support in the region, otherwise the Gentiles will devour the country with giblets. With regards to the Israelis REB, it is not easy to stifle Russian-made air defense systems without direct information codes to the systems. So, there were corrupt prostitutes in the armed forces of the SAR who reported these codes to Israel. Intelligence work diversely and from this or where not to get to.

Then it was before.

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