Israel captured and copied the Russian Iskander rocket? Video

In Israel, they copied the Russian tactical missile Iskander, probably captured in Syria.

A few hours ago, the Israeli military demonstrated the tests of their tactical missile “LORA”, which looks very much like the tactical missiles used by the Russian OTRK “Iskander” and “Tochka-M”. Given that Russia used these systems to attack militants in southern Syria, the Israeli intelligence services could well capture the wreckage or even an unexploded missile, copy it and get their own version of tactical weapons.

The external missile of the Israeli LORA OTRK is very similar to the tactical missile used in the Iskander OTRK, while the tactical and technical characteristics of the missile are also very close to Iskander's capabilities - the effective range of hitting targets in the Israeli complex is 400 kilometers, at that time how the Russian Iskander is capable of striking at ranges up to 500 kilometers.

At the moment, there are no facts indicating that the Israeli military actually discovered and captured the Russian tactical missile used to strike at the positions of terrorists, or its fragments, however, Israel is quite actively using Russian military developments to create its own weapons.

This Israel is stealing everything. They grabbed a children's bike from a boy in shorts and copied the wheels that they invented in Russia.

Anyway! What arrogant Israelis! And the debris of these missiles in any way was taken by the military from Ukraine and copied our missile. The military from Zimbabwe did the same.
But no one annoys that the Turkish fighters. They are simply very responsive people, although they belong to Turkey. They are so responsive that they did not give a single fragment to Turkey, but gave everything to countries in need. Hooray comrades !!!

Not captured, but stolen directly from the design bureau. With the help of his diaspora ...

Nonsense ....... and utterly ........