Israel said it will continue to bomb Syria anyway

In Israel, they said that they would continue to bomb Syria anyway.

Israeli military sources reported that the Russian side does not interfere with the Israeli air force's strikes on Syrian territory, in fact, without interfering with attacks. Earlier information that the Russian troops in the SAR were ordered to repel Israeli attacks, according to the Israeli military, does not correspond to reality and only Syrian air defense systems took part in repelling the latest attacks, while they were far from the most advanced, although Damascus could use complexes S-300, and Russia complexes "Tor", S-300 and S-400.

“In fact, in recent years, the Syrian army has used Russian defense systems to fire at Israeli Air Force planes as they attack its territory. These are relatively outdated weapon systems such as the SA-5. Modern Russian systems that pose a much more serious threat to Air Force aircraft, such as the S-300 deployed by the Russians in Syria, are under complete control of the Russians, and they do not approve of their use against Israeli targets. The defense ministry is convinced that there are no changes on this issue either, so what the Russian general said is nothing new. The Syrians have always used Russian weapons systems, and in any case, the Russian army is not helping Syria to use these modern systems against Israeli targets. During the discussions and assessments of the internal situation held in the IDF, it was unequivocally estimated that at this stage, in addition to the fact that there are no changes on the ground, the recent publications were also not intended to convey to Israel the message that Russians are losing patience "- reports the Israeli edition "Maariv" with reference to a military source in Israel.

Nevertheless, experts draw attention to the fact that if in the week before last 13 of the 14 missiles fired at Syria were successfully shot down, then last week Israel did not carry out a single attack, despite the fact that the Iranian military attacked an Israeli tanker near coast of Oman.

Russia will never allow Syria to use the C300 against the Israeli Air Force. Because Israel's high-tech army can hit these systems.

Jews, what to take from them ...

By the way, no one will give a guarantee that the modernized missiles of the old model cannot be used in the Syrian air defense system. As one American defense minister said: "The Russians are dangerous not because of what they have now, but because of what they will have in 24 hours!" The Syrians can become just as dangerous.