Israel says it will carry out strikes on Lebanon


Israel says it will carry out strikes on Lebanon

The Israeli army announced night airstrikes against targets of the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah movement in southern Lebanon. As reported in the official Telegram channel of the IDF, the targets of the strikes were an observation post in the Odayseh area and two military installations in the Khiam area. During one of the strikes, a Hezbollah militant located in a military building in the Tair Harf area was identified and attacked.

These actions are part of heightened tensions on the Israeli-Lebanese border that began in October 2023 following Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip. According to the IDF, both Israeli and Lebanese citizens are suffering as a result of sustained shelling along the border. The Lebanese Foreign Ministry reports that 100 thousand people have been forced to leave their homes in southern Lebanon. On the Israeli side, about 80 thousand residents of the north also found themselves in a similar situation due to cross-fire.


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