Israeli aircraft attacked Syria again

Israeli planes launched new attacks on Syria.

The Israeli Air Force again launched a series of air strikes on Syrian territory tonight. The main target was some objects located in the vicinity of the Syrian capital, while the military managed to intercept several released ammunition.

On the video footage you can see one of the episodes of the reflection of the Israeli attack on the suburb of Damascus. Apparently, the Israeli military used gliding bombs launched from the airspace over the Golan Heights. Local media have reported at least two intercepted munitions, with others claiming to be severely damaged.

There are no official comments on this yet, however, sources say that this time there were few air strikes, which is probably due primarily to the fact that Iranian cargo planes have recently landed at the Khmeimim airbase. thereby eliminating any risk of Israeli attacks.

There is no official information regarding the victims of the night attack, injuries and destruction by the current hour from Damascus.

the last laugh is the one who does not understand well.

If these missiles, brought by Iran to Syria, are stored at a Russian base, this is half the trouble. The Iranians will not attack Israel from a Russian base. They begin to export, then Israel will destroy them.

The one who laughs last laughs well.

As always, it's funny for the Russians



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