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Israeli Airline Punishes Eurovision Participants for Palestine Flags

Airline staff "El Al" punished the participants of "Eurovision" for the flags of Palestine.

El-Al employees did not like the scandal by the Iceari group Hatari at Eurovision, which unfolded the Palestinian flag in the final part of the competition.

According to the website of the Second Channel of ITV “Mako”, the worst places in the cabin of the ship became a “punishment” for the group members. This was told by one of the stewardess who served the flight. She published her message in a closed group of aviation workers on Facebook, stressing that the air carrier had done this on purpose.

The stewardess backed up her story with a photo. It depicts the musicians sitting one after another in the tail section of the cabin in middle places of the middle row. These places are located next to the toilets. As if summing up, the stewardess wrote: "That's what happened with the delegation of Iceland."

Later, one of the members of Hatari considered such actions as “childish”, which he reported on his page on the social network. As for representatives of the carrier, they were followed by a statement that the passengers were seated so "due to circumstances." There were no other empty seats. They also noted that the flight attendant, who published the post on Facebook, was reprimanded, although the reason was not given.

It’s good that the Jew didn’t blow up this liner at all and didn’t blame Hamas or the Mujahideen from ISIS ....