Iron Dome Complex


Israeli missile defense fired at phantom targets

The Israeli Iron Dome fired at non-existent missiles.

On the eve of the morning there was evidence that on the border of Israel and the Gaza Strip were sounded alarms announcing the beginning of a rocket attack. According to local residents, despite the absence of rocket launches from the Gaza Strip, and they began later, the Israeli missile defense system "Iron Dome" was activated and began to produce missiles for non-existent targets.

“We were in our homes when the alarm sounded. Having run out into the street, we noticed that there was no threat, although interceptor missiles began to take off from Israeli territory. They flew erratically, trying to hit targets that weren't there. ”- says one of the locals.

According to analysts, the fault could be either an exclusively technical failure, or the impact of Russian radio-electronic suppression complexes located in the territory of the Syrian province of Lattakia.

“The radar of the Israeli missile defense system is very sensitive. That is why earlier Israel declared that the “Iron Dome” complex is very reliable. Nevertheless, the fact that the missiles were launched at non-existent (phantom) targets, it can be assumed that sensitive equipment could easily respond to electronic suppression from the Russian electronic suppression kompleks. To declare this with all the responsibility is very problematic, but previously there have already been such cases, and they are repeated periodically after the transfer of Russian EW to Syria ”, - the expert emphasized.

Well, Israel sort of got into a mess with all its neighbors. Many say that it was Israel who created ISIS. And Abu Acre Albaghdadi is the agent of the massada A lot of information on the Internet. Moreover, the Jews are treating ISIS, and do not deny it. They say "We are treating everyone." However, the Syrian army is at war with ISIS, they do not heal, but they bomb. Israel’s current problems should be blamed solely on themselves. But as always the Jews will start blaming everyone. Assad, Putin, Trump, Iran, Hezbolu, Ksir, but not himself. And all you had to do was not to set fire to your neighbors, not to create ISIS, and that was that.

I can’t say anything about phantom goals, but when the shelling of Ashkelon began, my wife and I went to the balcony, because we never use the security room, not out of bravery, but from fatalism and keen desire to see the iron dome in action. It all started in previous wars with Hamas, when the dome was used for the first time. A sight when a rocket rushes out of the ground, towards flying projectiles, and they fall into small pieces, unforgettable. Involuntarily you feel pride in the people who are capable of creating such. But, by the way, the fragments are certainly dangerous, the proof of which, the death of a married couple in the Ashdod town, adjacent to Ashkelon, is exactly the same as we who watched the dome. Apparently, they were closer to the center of the event. As for the "phantom goals", then probably excluding the possibility of such a thing, but talking about it in the plural, means giving what is desired for reality, as in the case of a downed Russian plane. Writing this tale, clearly designed for the “enchanted wanderers” of Russian patriotism, the storytellers were somewhat hasty, because it is not difficult to understand the real value of these inventions and the reasons for their appearance, so the Russians invented a joke that for a long time, if not forever, will remain in the collection of nonsense, generally characteristic of any nationality, however, the difference is that it usually becomes an anecdote of unconscious or unconscious nonsense, then, as in this case, it’s just a desire, in a hurry to escape the answer BOUND.

Well Khokhlu know better how to beat down the Israelites.

It is necessary to slightly tilt the iron bathing, a little left, shifting to the center, then, it will be no laughing matter, all beetles and insects will fall only in this way

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But Russian air defenses always shoot down either their military planes or foreign civilians. I would honestly check back in the fall of Boeing 737 from Java, it is possible that the plane fell because of the excrement (the experiments are made by scientists) of the Russian warriors

In fact, even the expert said that it was not a fact. Given the above, we can say that this could be purely theoretical, since then the Israeli missile defense systems would constantly fire, so I am sure that it is not connected



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