Air defense missile


Israeli missile defense system turned out to be worse than all Russian air defense / missile defense systems

The Israeli missile defense system has been a shame on billions.

Contrary to Israel’s claims that the Israeli air defense and missile defense system is one of the most reliable in the world, it turned out that this system is not only worse than the declared characteristics, but also one of the worst among the ever created in the world - it surpasses absolutely all Russian air defense and missile defense systems, moreover, several times.

Experts draw attention to the fact that during the latest attacks from the Gaza Strip, the effectiveness of defeating missiles of Palestinian groups turned out to be about 40% - of the 50 missiles launched, only 20 were successfully intercepted. Considering one of the most large-scale Palestinian attacks that took place last year, Israeli anti-aircraft and missile defense systems have demonstrated an efficiency equal to 22-25%.

“While in Israel they criticize the futility of the Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile systems, claiming that this complex is useless in repelling air and missile attacks, the same Iron Dome and David Sling demonstrate an efficiency of less than 50%. In other words, if we assume that Iran will respond to Israeli aggression with a blow from hundreds or even thousands of missiles, there is hardly anything left from military facilities and cities of the Jewish state. ”, - the expert marks.

ZSU-23-4, aka Shilka, Arrow -10, MANPADS "Igla-2"

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What is this nonsense? In Russia, there is no tactical missile defense capable of intercepting shells of hail.

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The Red Army is all stronger! Or are you still not up to date?! ...

See the history of air defense in Egypt 60-th and Syria in 80-th ..

The best system is the Ukrainians. they are Boeing and TU knocked out of slingshots.

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the author of this garbage dump, dumb as a cork, doesn’t understand the simplest things with his chicken brain that 50 rockets were fired and only 20 of them threatened and shot down settlements, the rest 30 fell in non-populated areas and spending expensive missiles on their interception would be arch dumb , the stupid author does not understand that not high-tech missiles with an accuracy of 1 nanometer fly from the gas sector, but missiles made of water pipes that are accurate to even 100 meters like China’s cancer.

Israeli air defense does not have the goal of shooting down all Palestinian missiles - it is expensive. When a missile is detected, the air defense system computers analyze its path and, if the rocket falls into an uninhabited area, they do not touch it. And the percentage of such missiles is quite large

The Russians did not show themselves at all. With the exception of Boeing over the Donbass.