Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system malfunctions during Hamas attack

A rocket fell in one of the Tel Aviv districts, as reported by local residents on social networks. This incident points to a possible malfunction of Israel's Iron Dome air defense system. So far there has been no official confirmation of this information, but the fact of an air raid warning sounded in the city is confirmed by several telegram channels.

Tel Aviv was attacked for the first time in 11 days. According to sources, Hamas militants fired more than 10 rockets towards the city. Israeli news channel Ynet reported that a 22-year-old man suffered a head wound as a result of the attack.

In addition, Israeli Channel 12 suggests that the fallen missile could have been part of Israel's air defense system. It is believed that the ammunition accidentally strayed from its trajectory and fell in the city. This information raises serious concerns among the local population and calls into question the effectiveness of the city's defense system, since the Israeli system has essentially failed.


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