Israeli drones shot down by Russian electronic warfare systems. Video

Israeli drones were shot down not by the Syrian military, but by the Russian EW system.

About a day ago, two Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles resembling drones that had previously been destroyed over the capital of Lebanon were shot down in the Syrian El Quneitra region. Despite statements by the Syrian media that one of the drones was shot down from the ground by fire and the second was successfully planted by intercepting control over it, it turned out that, in fact, Russian electronic warfare systems were practically involved in this.

The first thing that experts noticed was a photograph of a drone allegedly shot down from an automatic small arms weapon. In the photo you can really see that the drone suffered damage to one of the brackets with the engine, however, in another photo, it can be determined without much effort that, in reality, the bracket was damaged when it fell to the ground, which obviously happened when the drone lost control .

Moreover, a number of publicly available resources indicate the fact that serious problems with GPS are observed in the western and southwestern parts of Syria, and the community “Syrian military capabilities” does indicate the fact that there is a purposeful stub for GPS operation, which indicates deployment of electronic warfare systems, which, in Syria, in this area are only available to Russia.