Israeli military helicopters attacked from MANPADS

It became known about the attack on Israeli military helicopters.

During the attacks on the Gaza Strip, Israel could lose several combat attack helicopters at once. This is primarily due to the fact that the militants of the Islamic Jihad group, using several portable anti-aircraft missile systems, took up a position in the area from which the Israeli air force attacked Palestine.

Despite careful training of militants of the Islamic Jihad grouping, it was not possible to shoot down Israeli helicopters. The reason for this was the use of unmanned aerial vehicles by the Israeli military, who discovered the positions of the militants and launched a rocket attack on them, as a result of which two militants died, which, however, does not exclude the fact that several such groups operated in the Gaza Strip.

Nevertheless, as experts emphasize, the mere fact that the militants are thoroughly preparing for an Israeli attack indicates the likelihood that in the future there is a serious danger for the IDF helicopters, and the presence in the armed forces of man-portable air defense missile systems means for Israel Problems.

Israel has all serious problems. Accustomed and therefore not scared.

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