Fighter F-15


Israeli F-15 provoked the Russian military in Syria to a missile strike

Israeli fighters provoke the Russian military in Syria to launch a missile strike.

A few hours ago, at a relatively short distance from the Russian Navy base in Tarusa and the Russian Aerospace Forces base "Khmeimim", Israeli F-15 fighters were spotted. The latter were in the airspace of neighboring Lebanon, however, the flights they made were provocative in nature - they were carried out close to the Syrian border, which forced the Russian military to use air defense systems.



In the video footage presented, you can see the flights of Israeli military aircraft near the Syrian-Lebanese border (footage taken from the territory of Lebanon - ed.), While you can see that the aircraft are flying at high altitude, which indicates that we are not talking on routine monitoring of Lebanese territory.

Moreover, it also became known about the flight of the American military aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon near the Russian military bases in Syria, which does not exclude the possibility that we are talking about another provocation aimed at collecting as much data about the work Russian air defense systems on the territory of Syria, which is especially important against the backdrop of Tehran's promised strike on Israel.

At the moment, there is no information about attempts to intercept American and Israeli aircraft by Russian Aerospace Forces.

Is it okay that Israeli planes are conducting missile strikes on Syria from Lebanese territory? So, in a petty way

There was a technical support point, and now it has been a Russian Navy base for 5 years

Well, it flew and flew out of the plane (maybe they warned) But you can not follow the f-15 with the help of the S-400 resource in Khmeinim. What will Poseidon measure? People who are not familiar with radiophysics believe that the S-400 should be "turned on" every time a suspicious aircraft flies over. For this there is a HEADLIGHT such as "Voronezh", etc. In the Sky of Belgrade, the Cube air defense missile system developed in 1965 (albeit modernized) did not turn on the radar to the limit and, turning it on for several tens of seconds, carried out launches (the Stealth was shot down).
The time to bring the s-400 to battle in standby mode is no more than 37 seconds.

Why would Israel provoke the Russian military? The most real nonsense. And if Israeli planes are flying in Lebanon. So it should be. Everything must be foreseen, and if Iran strikes, it will receive a response. Israel is not America. Will not be silent.

Ogo did not know that the Russian Navy base was in Tarusa. I thought the maximum river fleet could be based there