Israeli F-16s completely destroyed the Syrian military base. Video

In Syria, a military base has been completely destroyed.

Israeli combat aircraft, in just four missile attacks, destroyed a large Syrian military base near the city of Masyaf. The type of rockets used by the Israeli military is not called, however, almost the entire infrastructure of the Syrian army's military facility was destroyed.

In the photographs you can see that the former military base, where, according to some sources, were at least three helicopters of the Syrian Air Force, turned into a continuous blazing fire area. Data on the victims and victims by the current hour are not available, however, according to analysts, we can talk about dozens of Syrian soldiers who were at this military facility.

On the presented video frames you can see the operation of air defense systems, however, apparently, the effectiveness of the reflection of the Israeli attack was minimal.

What exactly became the reason for the launch of missile strikes is unknown, however, this is one of Israel’s first aggressions in the last month, moreover, the fact that airstrikes took place in one of the most protected areas in Syria is not less than six complexes “ Shell, S-300 systems and even Russian S-400s, however, neither the Syrian nor Russian air defense systems managed to completely repel the Israeli attack.

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