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Israeli F-16s made a mistake and became an easy target for Syrian air defenses

Israel made a mistake during the final strike on Syria.

The pilot of at least one Israeli F-16 fighter, during the latest strikes on the Syrian province of Hama, made a very serious mistake, ascending to an unregulated altitude to strike with a planning GBU-39 bomb. The mistake was that at high altitude the Israeli combat aircraft became an ideal target for the Syrian S-200 and S-300 air defense systems - the probability of its successful defeat reached 90-95%.

According to the Syrian news agency SANA, night strikes were carried out by Israeli combat aircraft from almost maximum distances, however, given the fact that the F-16 fighter had to climb to a great height to send a gliding bomb to the maximum distance of 100-110 kilometers, the aircraft hit the radars of both the Syrian air defense systems and the radars of the S-400 complexes, but, for unknown reasons, the Syrian army did not open fire.

One of the circumstances of the "silence" of the S-300 complexes of the Syrian army is the fact that the Israeli F-16 was in the airspace of neighboring Lebanon, however, a source in Syria, referring to the local high-ranking military, said that early warning radars were not worked.

At the moment, it is known that as a result of Israeli strikes, three civilians were killed - one of the planning bombs hit a residential building.

Judging by your name, you are on the side of Israel.

On the territory of Syria, terrorists from Muslim countries and the CIS, ISIS (banned in Russia).

I climbed 100 km ..... Did you not give the astronaut the package?

It was once called "The Strange War". If the Persians and Syrians have not decided yet, then there will be "September 1 ..year" for them ....

Nonsense! Could-would have shot down ......., or maybe the Israeli made a mistake on purpose? To recognize the deployment of the Iranian and Syrian air defense?

As for Israel, our and Syrian air defense systems with enviable consistency do not "detect" them and do not shoot down its fighters and bombers. Involuntarily comes to mind about some kind of tacit agreement between the parties.

The Syrian air defenses will remain silent, because an attack on an Israeli plane entails the destruction of Syrian air defenses, which dared to open fire. Even if it's c300. But about getting into a residential building where the family died, a fake. She was killed by a Syrian missile.