Attacks against Syria


Israeli F-35 attacked a military airfield in Syria. A photo

Israeli F-35 flew near the Russian C-400 defeat zone and attacked Syria.

Despite the fact that Russia is categorically against Israeli air strikes against Syria, and even deployed its most long-range S-400 air defense systems in the territory of the Arab Republic, it became known that Israeli combat aircraft flew only 30 kilometers from the zone of destruction of Russian systems Air defense and successfully attacked the military airfield Hamadan.

According to the Syrian and Israeli media, combat aircraft, and it seems that we are talking about F-35 fighters, most likely crossed the airspace of Syria, unnoticed by both Russian and Syrian air defense systems, which partially confirms the version about that the Israeli Air Force used its "stealth" aircraft.

According to sources, the photograph was taken immediately after the Israeli air strike.

It is known that attacks were carried out at certain warehouses on the territory of the Hamadan military airbase, where Iranian military and pro-Iranian armed forces are present. Nevertheless, specialists from Russia Israeli attacks cause a lot of fears, since earlier in the same area, Russian Mi-24 combat helicopters were noticed, which, in the absence of coordinated actions of Tel Aviv and Moscow, can lead to serious incidents.

At the moment, there is no information about the possible sending of Israeli aircraft to intercept Israeli planes, which may indicate the fact that Russian radars simply did not notice the F-35 fighters.