Syria night strike


Israeli F-35 tricked the Russian C-300 and C-400. Video

Israeli military aircraft bombed again in Syria.

Despite the appearance of the Syrian military Russian S-300 air defense systems in service and the deployment of the Russian S-400 air defense systems in Syria, it turned out that these systems could not show effectiveness in repelling attacks on the territory of the Arab Republic. So, tonight, Israeli F-35 fighters delivered another blow to eastern Syria, killing 18 people and injuring 38.

According to the information provided, the area of ​​the settlement of Abu Kemal, which, incidentally, has recently been bombed by Israeli military aircraft, was subjected to Israeli fighter jets. According to a number of Israeli media reports, the blow was inflicted due to the transportation of certain weapons to neighboring Lebanon, and, given the fact that Abu Kemal is within the radius of destruction of the S-200, C-300 and C-400 air defense systems, aircraft could only be used if Israel used stealth fighters, which, incidentally, include the F-35i Adir.

It is noteworthy that pro-Iranian formations note that the strike was not delivered by drones, but by combat aircraft, which indirectly confirms the version about the use of F-35.

There is a patent and technology: aircraft flow control. One of the functions of the technology is the complete invisibility of the aircraft for any radar station from any direction. Shared patent.

So all the same, unknown or Israeli aircraft? You will stop there for one thing. Or for you, even unknown planes are still Israeli